Welcome to the Relationship Check-Up Quiz.

Answer the following questions to find out about the health of your relationship.
This quiz is designed for people who are currently in a relationship. However, if you aren't in one, feel free to reflect back on your most recent relationship to learn about how healthy it was.
How often do you and your partner touch one another in an affectionate way? *

I consider my partner to be one of my closest friends. *

I know how to express love to my partner in a way that he/she can feel it. *

Who has most of the "power" in your relationship? *

How would you describe the level of trust in your relationship? *

How exciting is your typical date night? *

1= A total bore
5=Totally thrilling and exciting

Which of the following emotions do you frequently experience when thinking about your partner? *

How would you describe your interactions with your partner? *

How would your partner rate your listening skills? *

1=Terrible            5=Excellent

When you do something wrong or hurt your partner, which is your most likely response? *

Which of these statements do you most agree with? *

Which of these statements most closely describes how you feel? *

Your first name

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Aw! You and your partner are total lovebirds. You have healthy dynamics in your relationship, and really treat one another with consideration.  Congratulations on such a happy relationship, and keep up the great work!

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Based on your responses, your relationship seems to have a lot of unhealthy and negative patterns. I highly recommend you take immediate steps to improve it, as it is likely to be having a detrimental effect on your overall quality of life. 

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Your relationship is okay, but there is definitely some room to make it better. Your communication could use a boost, and perhaps your interactions have lost some of their spark.

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Your answers suggest that your relationship is in significant trouble. According to research, the way you feel about your partner indicates it is likely that things will eventually turn out poorly, as feelings of contempt are highly correlated with negative relationship outcomes.

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